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    After Years Of Hype, The Xbox Game Pass Burnout Is Here

    Typically, when Game Pass starts trending, it’s either because it scored a killer game or some influencers concocted a viral “joke” that ultimately does nothing other than hand a $2 trillion corporation two days of free marketing. Over the past few days, however, Microsoft’s games-on-demand program started trending… Read more… Source link More

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    Colin Cantwell, Designer Of The X-Wing, Has Died

    While the great Ralph McQuarrie is rightly remembered as the primary visionary behind the look of the Star Wars universe, he wasn’t the only artist playing a major role in the creation of the original trilogy. There was also Colin Cantwell. Read more… Source link More

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    Fireflies Finished Following Frog Fan Feedback In Minecraft

    Minecraft’s next big update is called The Wild Update and it will add a ton of new nature-related content to the game. However, no fireflies! The glowing little buggers, which were planned to be the food supply for the newly added frogs, got cut from the planned update after Mojang received feedback from players that… […] More

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    Battlefield 2042 Killed My Favorite Game Mode

    As Battlefield 2042 continues to languish somewhere in the hell between “failed launch” and “whatever comes next”, developers DICE are making minor tweaks to the game in order to keep things running smoothly. Though I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of their latest effort. Read more… Source link More

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    The Halo Show’s First Season Closes With Uncertainty And Promise

    With “Transcendence,” the ninth and final episode of the Halo show’s premiere season, a lot is uncertain. This show has been a giant experiment of taking a “spaghettified” collection of Halo games, books, comics, and other related media and funneling that into an on-screen adaptation firmly rooted in the tradition of… Read more… Source link More

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    New PlayStation 5 Bundle Comes With Horizon Forbidden West

    If you were planning to snag Horizon Forbidden West as soon as you managed to buy a PlayStation 5 at non-scalper prices, you might be in luck. The PlayStation Direct store currently shows that the game will be part of the upcoming bundle for the disc and digital versions of the PS5. Read more… Source […] More

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